Welcome to Edge

Welcome to Edge

By: Winslow Johnson – CEO 

Thank you for visiting our new site and being part of our continued 24-year journey. Edge underwent many changes in 2021 in efforts to better connect you through improved servicing channels, digital solutions and clearly defined marketing strategies to improve how we connect with you. The area we did not change is our commitment to the highest safety standards on all our product lines. We do not compromise in the area we know matters – the safety and security of all those who wear Edge. We know that behind every glass is an individual who has your own life and responsibilities – your own story that matters in your community, home and workplace. Your safety matters to us because your life and your story matter to us.

Many of you have been devoted partners for more than two decades. Some of you are new to Edge and who we are. I encourage you to read the following blogs to learn more about the Edge journey, and where we are in that journey. You can read a note from our founder, Kurt Daems about why he started this business. Tami Nguyen, our VP of Sales highlights our commitment to you, and Maddie Petry, our SVP of Marketing and Brand, walks you through our brand promise.

I’ve been the CEO of Edge for 12 months and am privileged to know this brand for more than 12 years. I am honored to be part of this brand and hope you feel the Edge team’s passion come through with the products you wear and connections you make. We have an amazing team, dedicated to designing and representing the best safety eyewear in the industry.

There is much to come in 2022. New product line launches are scheduled in the spring and fall. Improved marketing and servicing portals will improve inventory management, marketing and marketing material, ordering and best in class service. A new logo and modernized brand image will connect the consumer in new ways. You will experience connections from our carefully selected and talented team to ensure we hear you; we see you and connect you with the products and service you expect. 

Welcome to Edge – thank you for being part of our journey.


Thoughts From the Founder 

By: Kurt Daems – Founder and President 

In the spring of 1994, I walked into a drywall distributor in Salt Lake City, Utah, looking to sell my first pair of safety glasses. I was introduced to a buyer they called “Moose.” I began my carefully prepared presentation about the features of the product, only to be interrupted by a customer who walked in the store, grabbed the glasses from my hand and put them on. “Hey Moose, how do I look?” he asked. “Lookin’ good my friend. But, more importantly, these glasses are safety rated and will protect your eyes” Moose said. Without any additional information, the customer ordered 24 pieces for his crew, grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds from the bucket on the counter and walked out the door. That day, I learned volumes about the trust, relationships and loyalty that exist between distributors and customers.

For 27 years, this business, and the success of the Edge brand, has relied heavily on the power, credibility and reach of our distributors to bring this top-tier safety eyewear to the consumer. The result has been millions of happy customers wearing Edge. But, even more important is the hundreds of letters we have received with stories about saved eyes. At the end of the day, the Edge brand was created to protect people and their lifestyle. Meeting the customers whose lives have been positively impacted by our products has been very rewarding, and we acknowledge we never could have connected to these consumers without our loyal distributors.

As is typical, there is always an evolution in the way products go to market and savvy distributors roll with these changes–or even lead the way. At Edge, we value our solid distribution network and are excited to roll with this evolution. This year is shaping up to be an unprecedented one to “work together” in many exciting new ways with our distributors, so stay tuned as big things are coming! 


Our Commitment to You

By: Tami Nguyen – VP Sales and Sales Operations   

Edge began with a simple commitment to its business partners: delivering high-level customer service and higher quality products. And our promise remains the same as it did more than 25 years ago. We could mention our 90% or better fill rate, our transparent processes, our product education opportunities or easy access to our inside sales teams as examples of our devotion to supporting our wholesale customers and reps, but this isn’t about us. We understand success relies on positive business relationships, loyal partners and mutual trust. Our partners established the foundation of our organization, and they’ll continue to shape our future success.

We see you. We hear you. And this is our simple commitment. Continually listening to our partners’ needs, providing resources and adapting to changing market conditions helped form our foundation, and it will propel both our business partners and us into brave new horizons. Thank you for being a part of this mutual journey.  


Our Brand Promise

By: Maddie Petry – SVP Brand and Marketing 

We are excited about evolving the Edge brand to better serve our customers and consumers. Edge has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation–blurring lines of underdeveloped safety glasses and overpriced sports eyewear–and we are excited to continue pouring resources into advancing these areas to bring the best product to the market. Edge is redefining the way we go to market and will be developing new strategies and support our distribution and retail partners so they can, in turn, strengthen relationships with their customers. We look forward to working alongside our valued partners to support their goals, accelerate market growth and expand our offering to new demographics.

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