Founder's Note

Founder's Note

Since the early days of founding this company, my goal was to bring goodness to this world.

I explored many ideas in a wide range of services and products that may really surprise you. I stood at crossroads seeing a vast variety of opportunities, each with their promises and challenges, but did not know which path to take. Through a series of events, I began to realize something that can best be described in a quote by the brother of the amazing Walt Disney:

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” Roy E. Disney.  

I learned that defining and being dedicated to “values” brought the path to proceed into focus. I admit that the path and methodology was not immediately clear and has morphed over time ONLY as we stayed committed to our values. So, what is at the center of what we value? YOU… our fellow traveler walking a path next to us in this world learning, growing, sharing and experiencing life. Is it possible to start a business to enhance that? Yes. 

  1. We want to protect the precious gift of SIGHT and physical well-being by producing a revolutionary, top-tier product AND educating in the field of safety, on and off the jobsite. 
  2. We want to create a dynamic partnership with some of the most talented people I have ever stood shoulder to shoulder with. Each of us then using and GROW our talents and abilities, with our business partners in the field, to progress our mission and bring the goodness to this world that we have committed to. 
  3. Our commitment is to you individually, the community where you live, and being environmentally responsible to this earth we all share.

YOU are important to us. 

YOU are on our mind continually as we make product and teach safety.

YOU are the inspiration and feedback we listen to in all that we do.

YOU have sent hundreds of letters of “saved eye” experiences that tell us we are on track. 

YOU are and will always be at the center of our… and MY values.

Change is inevitable, challenging, exciting and continual. We evolve and change on this path, but our VALUES are not changing. The stakes for what’s at risk are too high and the rewards of goodness we have been a part of so exciting! 

Thank You for being on this journey together with us, the future looks amazing!

Kurt Daems 

Founder- Edge Eyewear

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