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How do I become a distributor for Edge? 

Inquiring customers can contact our customer service team. 


Phone: 866-953-7325 

How do I submit a purchase order

We prefer orders be submitted via email in a PDF form to our customer  service team, however we will accept excel; fax and over the phone orders. 


Phone: 866-953-7325   

Can I place an order over the phone? 

Absolutely! Once we have placed an order for you over the phone, we will  request an email address so that we can send over an order confirmation for your documentation. 

What is the lead time for an order to be processed before it ships? 

24 hours after confirmation has been received. For production items, we have a lead time of 48-72 hours to allow product assembly. 

What is the lead time for an order to be delivered? 

We ship via FedEx Ground; therefore, standard lead times would be 5-7 days depending on the state the delivery address is located in – this does not  guarantee holiday or weekend delivery. 

How do I qualify for prepaid freight? 

If you place an order over $500, that purchase order automatically qualifies for prepaid shipping on your behalf. If the order is under the prepaid minimum, the order will include an additional $15 shipping charge unless you would like to provide your own UPS or FedEx account. 

What is the minimum purchase quantity for glasses? 

All glasses are required to be purchased in box quantities – 12 glasses per box.  

If I have an issue with my order, who do I contact and how do I submit a service claim? 

For all service claims, please reach out to our RGA team – please provide as much information as possible so that our team can get a claim processed as quickly as they can and are able to better service you. Once a claim has been processed, we will reach out to you with a reference number and strive to resolve the issue within 72 business hours. 


Product Related FAQs

Do you offer RX?

No, we currently do not offer prescription lenses. But you can take many of our frames into the doctor and have RX lenses placed in the frames.

Can I custom order?

For further questions please email our customer service team at or call 866-953-7325 

What is Vapor Shield?

Edge Eyewear pioneered the world’s first true military grade Anti-Fog called Vapor Shield. This permanent anti fog technology is impervious to steam, vapor, and condensation even in the most extreme conditions and temperatures. Vapor Shield lenses have passed lab tests transitioning between -44°F (-42°C) and 76°F (24°C) and environments with 80% humidity at 125°F (52°C) with no fogging.

Can I purchase replacement lenses?

We apologize we currently do not offer replacement lenses. For further questions please email our customer service team at or call (866)213-7204.

How should I clean my lenses?

Always use the Edge microfiber cleaning bag. This eliminates the opportunity for scratches, damage to the coatings like Vapor Shield, and will prolong the life of the glass. Store the glass in the cleaning bag when not being used to maximize the life span of the glass and to prevent possible further damage. Never use chemicals to clean these glasses as this can prematurely damage coatings as well. Normal wear and tear as well as sweat will eventually break down the coatings after time. That time is different for each person and their acidity levels and/or the caustic environments they work in. Water can be used to help clean lenses but once again, depending on the chemicals found in the water, eventually it could break down the coatings prematurely. Never use anti-fog spray on a glass using Vapor Shield coating. This will cause damage to the glass, as they are 2 distinct types of anti-fog systems and are applied differently. When using a lens wipe, this can potentially reduce the life span of the coating.

Where can I find information on frame standards?

Safety standard information can be found on each product page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for more information.

How does Edge test their glasses?

Edge Eyewear is independently tested by the accredited COLTS Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+ and Ballistic MIL-PRF 32432-A GL-PD 10-12 and CSA Z94.3.M (each glass varies).

How should I transport my eyewear?

Edge Eyewear should be stored in a soft eyeglass bag or case.