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However You See It, See It Clearly

To us, disruptive innovation is more than the result or a finished product, it’s a fundamental difference in the way we do business. It carries through to how we confront challenges, solve problems, and the way we interact with the people who depend on us. We created a new model where safety, style, and innovation intersect, eliminating the need to choose between underdeveloped safety glasses or over-priced sports and tactical eyewear. Innovation doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, just functional. That’s why we’re constantly challenging the norm, forging our own path, and changing the way you see eyewear. However you see the world, see it clearly.

How It Started

The safety glass industry, in large, suffers from underdevelopment, misunderstanding and flippancy. Outdated technology and low-quality materials run rampant across many of the protective eyewear products available. And they always have, so Edge set out to crush these norms.

We pioneered polarized safety glasses, we build our frames with virtually indestructible materials, we verify all our safety standards with stringent third-party testing, and we continue to be driven by innovation.

It Doesn’t Stop Here

Our roots are in safety eyewear. But we’re looking beyond. We’re seeking more. We’re leveraging our history, our knowledge, our expertise. We’re asking how everyday eyewear can be better? More innovation. More accessible. More performance. More style.

We’re makers, innovators, and defenders of vision.

We’re driven to defy norms and disrupt the sunglass industry, just like we did the safety glass market. And we won’t stop. We won’t deter from designing performance eyewear that refuses to let you down when it matters most.

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